Vertical rope system

The offer of Centrum Systemow Asekuracji Sp. z o.o. there is also a vertical system to prevent falling from a height.

Vertical rope system

The system is attached to every ladder that meets the requirements of standards (we also sell ladders).


The installation of the rope system consists in the full extension of the cable with a diameter of 8mm. A securing trolley is attached to it. The employee connected to the trolley is safe at all height. The vertical rope system eliminates the risk of falling from a ladder.


The vertical cable system includes a ø8mm cable, terminated at the top with a clamping sleeve and rope clamps at the bottom. You can configure it for an existing ladder and / or column, and then install it quickly and easily. The safety stroller is light and fits in the palm of your hand. If you use a stainless steel cable with a diameter of 8 mm, you can use a version with a shock absorber, which eliminates the need to connect it with a cable.

Vertical rope system - ladders