Free-standing barrier systems for roof edge protection.


Safe work on the roof - guidelines


Employees working on the roof should have protection against falling from a height. Employers are required to provide their employees with a safe working environment and provide them with adequate security measures. Work at heights is considered to be work carried out on a surface at least 1.0 m above floor or ground level. When selecting appropriate measures to protect against falls from heights, collective protection must always be given priority over personal protective equipment.

Freestanding KEEGUARD balustrades system


KEEGUARD collective protection system; provides a safe working environment for all who work at heights, thus guaranteeing compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997. on general health and safety at work. Lack of correctly installed protection can lead to individual liability in the event of an accident.


The balustrade has a handrail at the height of 1.1 m and a crossbar at the middle of its height or it can be equipped with another filling that prevents falling out. The balustrade is equipped as standard with a connector for mounting a board (curb).


The KEEGUARD system works on the proven counterweight principle. Thanks to the weights fixed on the arms that are moved away from the axis of the balustrade, the system is stable and is able to transfer the forces specified in the standards. Both the weights and the base of the post are made so as not to damage the roof surface.

A simple and effective roof edge protection system


Collective protection for everyone working on the roof.
It works on the proven counterweight principle.
It does not affect the roofing.
It is possible to paint in any RAL color.
A simple modular design that minimizes costs and assembly time
The system can be easily expanded, moved to another location or its layout.

The KEEGUARD system can be used on most flat roofs of any shape and down to 3 degrees: bituminous, concrete, asphalt and membrane roofs.

The standard version of the KEEGUARD system has galvanized connectors in accordance with PN-EN ISO 1461. A lighter version of the system made of KEEGUARD Lite aluminum is also available.

Fulfilled standards

A properly designed and installed KEEGUARD system meets the following Polish safety standards:


PN-EN ISO 14122 part 3
PN-EN 13374 class A