Rail systems

Rail safety fall protection rope access products have been designed to be used horizontally to effectively address the risk of working at heights in a wide range of applications and to ensure compliance with safety regulations at the workplace.

Rail systems

The 3M and Harken systems offered by our company provide the same high standard of service, technical support and quality regardless of the situation in which they are used.


The RoofSafe ™ rail is a high quality aluminum pressed rail system that provides a high level of user safety combined with a discreet and aesthetic appearance. This system offers excellent functionality thanks to the use of a free trolley without brackets to pass over and the user can use it without having to swivel between the supports.


Glyde-Saf rail is dedicated for suspended systems. The unique closed guide system is capable of unlimited journeys. Spacing between spans can be up to 6m. It enables smooth and uninterrupted work for up to 4 users while working at heights. This rigid system can be installed both inside and outside the building. Typical hangouts are also hangars as well as production plants and warehouses.


The Harken 27 mm Access Rail allows you to enjoy the eye of many architects with their aesthetics. The bearings installed in the Harken carriage cause a smooth and simple way of carrying loads along the rail. The balls in the bearings are self-renewable and do not require lubrication. In addition, they are designed to make cleaning very easy. Harken rails and trolleys can carry loads up to 5,000 kg.

Rail systems