Installation safety system

Using our experience, technical knowledge, production of our own products and cooperation with the leading manufacturers of safety systems such as: 3M, Capital Safety, KeeSafety, Harken, our company guarantees installation of security systems in accordance with all guidelines and standards of our partners and applicable law.

Installation safety system

All our installation teams are properly trained in the field of assembly and compliance with safety regulations for work at heights.


Each implemented project is assigned to a specific project manager who is responsible for a detailed description of the work method and risk assessment before they start and supervises the installation of systems from the beginning to the end. We organize all devices and tools necessary for implementation, including heavy equipment such as cranes or elevators. We go through investments together to make sure that customer satisfaction is at the highest level. As a result, our clients gain peace of mind and guarantees that works of appropriate quality will be carried out.


- Installation of fall protection systems by certified engineers
- Assigned project manager throughout the entire process
- Support in the implementation of security policy
- Reducing the risk of accidents, illnesses and injuries

Installation safety system