If there is a need to enter a limited space (eg washing the building's glass facade or performing a rescue operation), it is very important that the equipment works quickly and without any problems.


Our company in cooperation with leading companies dealing in crane design has prepared a wide range of rescue systems for pulling and pulling. The effectiveness of these solutions has been repeatedly tested under the conditions of destination. Engineers and safety directors give our solutions a lot of trust, because of their durability, high quality of workmanship and not unreliable, even in the toughest conditions. Our systems meet the requirements of all industry standards and are supported by appropriate tests. In addition, we are able to adapt our cranes to the specific needs of our clients.


Do you know that:
- for stationary cranes with manual drive with a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, a form of simplified supervision has been established (devices do not require to be reported to UDT and tests, but maintenance should be provided by persons with appropriate qualifications).


Legal basis:
Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 7 December 2012 on the types of technical devices subject to technical supervision (Journal of Laws of 2012 No. 0 item 1468), issued on the basis of art. 5 para. 2 of the Act on technical supervision.


Regulation of the Minister of Economy, Labor and Social Policy of October 29, 2003 on the technical conditions for technical supervision in the field of operation of some handling equipment (Journal of Laws No. 193, item 1890).